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Localvore News

Coming in May 2006.  The Valley Localvore kick-off.  Stay tuned for details.


What is a Localvore?

A Localvore is a person dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally.  There are a lot of good reasons to eat locally grown and produced food.

  • Less resources (primarily fossil fuels) are expended packaging and transporting local food.

  • It support.s the local economy - more money remains in our local community.
  • It is healthier - processing and preservatives are less important since the food doesn't have to travel so far.
  • It is safer and thus localvores are less susceptible to foodborn illnesses.
  • It is more honest - honesty in terms of the food source (i.e. organic seeds vs. GMO seeds) and the growing/producing process. It has to be! We are all neighbors.
  • If for no other reason - IT TASTES BETTER!

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Eat Locally - Season Globally!